Exposure is very important, but it doesn't stop there.

In today's media rich society it seems easy to get your artwork seen, but as most artists know all too well simply creating an online portfolio, whilst it is essential, it's by no means enough. Your work needs to be seen in the scene, and in the flesh.

There are few better ways of viewing artwork than in a gallery environment, and there are few cooler places in the world right now than Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York.

We encourage artists to apply from all corners of the world or the street. Even if you're local the opportunities are enormous. Our key objective is to connect you and your work with the right people. Serious art collectors are getting increasingly interested in happenings in Bushwick, aware that it currently offers fantastic investment opportunities as emerging artists compete to sell their creations. Galleries too are increasingly on the look out for new talent.


Artist Application

*Application is open through September 25th


All artwork and application information will be juried for quality, authenticity, uniqueness, salability and presentation. Administrative Application fee: $30.00 (not refundable).

The applicants selected by our curatorial board will be offered several exhibiting options ranging in size and price.



Available wall space (all walls are white finished 10ft high):

-        5ft wide wall (comes with 2 lights) - $495

-        10ft wide wall (comes with 4 lights) - $950

-        25ft wide wall (comes with 10 lights) - $1950


One Single Floor exhibition space can accommodate 1-2 small-medium sculptures - $400

One Double Floor exhibition space can accommodate 3-4 small-medium sculptures - $ 795

Larger sculptures (over 30" in any direction) will be priced case by case.


For conceptual work or special projects please describe the details in the applications.

All exhibited work will be included in a printed catalogue and online. The exhibition will be professionally photographed for documentation.